Launch Date!

After several years of drafting multiple patents and business planning, we are excited to announce that our new AI software is close to completion. Our App will be available in the App Store for consumer download, summer of 2022. Our team has worked hard to develop this unique AI innovation and we are proud to offer it to you soon.

The App will be available to scale to consumers through the App Store. The software can operate utilizing the camera on a phone or tablet. There is a White Label version available for enterprise use.

Salina Ray

We have the ability to run in the background of existing company's Apps or software. Please contact us for more details. We are a good fit for companies like WW, Peloton, Mirror, and Nutrisystem. Weight loss surgery and liposuction practices will also benefit from our unique software for a deeper customer engagement and brand awareness.

Thank you for following our journey. We are very excited to offer EnvisionBody to the public soon. Please keep your messages coming to us through our website. Your constant inquiries about when the App will be available are incredible. We love staying in touch with you! #envisionbody #ai #ml #dl #newinnovation