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EnvisionBody App Screen example

#1  Make Sure To Update To The Latest iOS Version in Your Settings First

EnvisionBody App Instructions

After you input your current weight, target weight and selected body area into the devise, click on the Next button at the bottom and use the following instructions:

  • On the next  screen you will see a red body frame outlined on the screen

  • Set your device down on a hard surface with the camera facing you - make sure your device is standing straight up and at the edge of what it is resting on and click on the green Capture Image button at the bottom - this activates a 5 second timer to position yourself within the red frame

  • Step back from the device until you line your body up within the red frame - move back and forth until your body is within the frame

  • The red body frame will turn green once you are in the correct position for it to capture your image 

  • Hold still and the Capture Image function automatically begins after the 5 second timer ends -  a time lapse circle at the bottom displays while capturing your image 

  • You then will be taken to a screen that shows you a time bar while it processes your image

  • After a few seconds of processing you will see your new transformed image


Before clicking Capture Image that starts the 5 second timer, we recommend first stepping back and forth to test standing within the red frame until it turns green   

Lighting is very important - please position yourself with the brightest light possible, see example pictures below 

Important Steps

  • Bright lighting

  • Standing device straight up

  • Device resting near the edge of what it is sitting on

  • Hold still during image capture  

Setting up your device to capture your image

EnvisioinBody App setup

Make sure that your device is clear from items in front of it - stand straight up without leaning back

It must sit toward the edge of what it is resting on

envisionbody app example

Good examples to set your device straight up and towards the edge of where it rest to capture your image

Envisionbody app setup
envisionbody app setup
EnvisionBody app setup

Examples that are a bad setup of your device 

EnvisionBody App instructions


Your device should be standing upright and towards the edge- not leaning back


Bring your device as close to the edge of what it has been placed on so that items are not blocking the field of view

See the video as an example of the wrong way to set up your device - the device is too far back where it is resting so the red frame will not turn green, it needs to be closer to the edge

Best lighting to capture your image

Lighting that is coming in from the side and or back of the device is best - or overall bright - outside

envisionbody app setup


The light should be behind the device not you - if the light is directly behind you the user's image is too dark

If lighting overall is too dark the user's image is not clear - try to use in a well lit area 

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