Have you ever wondered what you would look like with six-pack abs or less weight?  Through the use of artificial intelligence, it is now possible with EnvisionBody's software. We are currently under development and will be launching in June of 2022. 


We also offer the ability for a user to see themselves with more weight. This would be a useful tool to help people recover from eating disorders. 

EnvisionBody creates a fun, engaging experience by providing a real-time live video of your body that is enhanced the way you want to look.


As if looking into a mirror, you can now see yourself with the body image you've always wanted.  See your "After" right now!


You may want to see what you look like with a 20% to 30% reduction in weight and/or increased muscle mass in real-time. Imagine seeing what you would look like with larger arm muscles and lean abs.


Enhance your social media experience in a compelling innovative way by sharing your new enhanced image with family and friends. Providing a superior experience to the  SnapChat or Meta lens. We create an immersive, next-level experience that is not a layover, but your live image that changes appearance.  


If used while exercising, EnvisionBody creates an emotional connection by interfacing with exercise equipment. Your enhanced real-time body image changes in connection to your activity level; providing an unprecedented level of engagement. A dynamic feature is that your image changes in response to an increase in your heart rate.  So if used on a treadmill, for example, the faster and longer you walk the more body enhancement occurs.


When used for exercise motivation, in order to keep the user engaged,  the levels of weight loss displayed are given in smaller increments once certain goals are met. Once a user achieves 5 lbs of weight loss, for example, they see themself with 15 lbs less weight. If they achieve 10 lbs of weight loss, they view themself with 25 lbs less weight. 

EnvisionBody has a vast market appeal: social media entertainment and advertising, cosmetic and gastric surgeons, beauty, healthcare wellness programs, fitness, and diet/weight loss industries.