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EnvisionBody App Instructions

EnvisionBody's app will step you through each screen after you sign in

After you provide your inputs  you will  be prompted to capture your image to process

  • Test standing within the red frame until it turns green  before clicking on the Capture Image button - move back and forth until green

  • Click on the Capture Image button

  • A 5 second timer starts allowing you to step back and position yourself within the red outline until it turns green

  • The time lapse circle at the bottom displays while capturing your image

  • See your new transformed image

Setting up your device to capture your image


Make sure that your device is clear from items in front of it - stand straight up without leaning back

Examples to set your device straight up and towards the edge of where it rest to capture your image



Your device should be standing upright and towards the edge- not leaning back


Bring your device as close to the edge of what it has been placed on so that items are not blocking the field of view

Best lighting to capture your image


You should be facing the light source or on the side of you - if the light is directly behind you the image is too dark

If lighting overall is too dark the image is not clear - try to use in a well lit area